• NEVER miss a referral opportunity again!

Trusted Referrals...
Delivered at the SPEED and NEED of the Consumer!

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Top 10 Reasons that REEferralNET is GREAT for sharing and managing your referrals!

•   COST EFFECTIVE… manage your entire referral network for under $100/year!
•   NEVER miss a referral opportunity again!
•   Nothing to download or install
•   24/7/365 referral networking
•   User friendly on all devices (computers, tablets, and mobile)
•   Faster, easier and safer than social media and NO embedded ads
•   No restrictions in any category and no cost to your Trusted Referrals
•   Multiple distribution links back to your website (SEO enhancing back-links)
•   Includes a personal webpage (mini-website) no coding required
•   Share referrals anywhere quickly and easily (automatically tracks referral click-thru stats)

REEferalNet   Features • Benefits • Pricing
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  • Never miss a referral opportunity - make the most of your business relationships
  • Share referrals anywhere quickly and easily (automatically tracks referral click-thru stats)
  • Includes a company/personal webpage (mini-website) no coding required
  • 24/7/365 operation w/ nothing to download or install
  • Auto-generated Member Referral 'share' Links and QR Codes w/ tracking
  • User friendly on all devices (computers, tablets, and mobile)
  • Multiple back-links to your website (SEO/SERP benefits)


  • Build your business and share your Referral Relationships faster and easier!
  • Flexible deliver applicatons: Website, hyperlink, mobile SMS text and email salutations
  • Track referral click-thru stats automatically and view anytime from your Member Dashboard
  • Company branded webpage (provides inbound 'back-link' traffic. Valuable for SEO/SERP)
  • Familiar user interface across all platforms (mobile phone, tablet, workstation)
  • Easy-to-use, requires little or no technical knowledgs


  • $147 Onetime setup
  • $97 Annual renewal
  • $75 Bulk Upload Service via CSV (Optional)
  • Group/Corporate Pricing
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Did you know 92% trust referrals from people they know
and are 6X more likely to do business with them and YOU?

REEferralNET was developed to simplify the delivery, experience and value of sharing trusted referrals across your business network. Helping you to quickly and easily build your business and referral relationships.

REEferralNET delivers simple "APP-like" functionality for sharing Person-to-Person referral connections. Trusted referrals are delivered on any device, "on demand" and seamlessly tracked via a personalized Member Link or QR Code. Accessible from desktop/laptop, all types of mobile devises... and best of all there is "nothing to download or install."

REEferalNet Users Guide:

REEferralNet Users Guide REEferralNet Users Guide (3159 KB)

REEferalNet Datasheet:

REEferralNet Datasheet REEferralNet Datasheet (473 KB)